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4th FOODCoST MML Workshop

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13 Jun. 2024

| Bologna, Italy


As part of the FOODCoST project’s ongoing efforts, our 4th MML Workshop, titled “Fair food systems: internalizing environmental and social costs in the price of food”, will take place in Bologna, Italy on June 13, 2024! 

The event will be focused on the True Cost Accounting approach, specifically on how externalities in food systems can be internalised and how internalised externalities should be communicated to consumers via labels.  

By bringing together relevant stakeholders and specialists, engaging in dynamic co-creation activities, we hope to stimulate collaboration and innovation and identify new pathways towards “true” pricing with the objective of achieving fair food systems.

Here you can find the tentative agenda of the day:   

When: June 13, 2024  

Where: Bologna, Italy  

Draft Agenda

14:30-16.00: Introduction and presentation by keynote speakers

16:00-16:15: Coffee break

16:15 – 18:00: Mobilization and Mutual Learning workshops*

18:00 – 18:30: Wrap-up and conclusions

18:30: Aperitif

*The Mobilization and Mutual Learning workshops will consist of two parallel sessions on relevant topics: 

– “Exploring future scenarios for internalising the true cost of food systems” – lead by University of Bologna

– “Beyond Price Tags: Unveiling the True Cost Label’s Potential Benefits and Drawbacks” – lead by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Sustainable

How to participate?

If you would like to join us and actively participate in one of the interactive Mobilization and Mutual Learning workshops, you can do so by filling out the registration form provided HERE. After that, you will be contacted by APRE’s team, who is taking care of the organization of the event. A travel reimbursement of up to 200€ is foreseen for the first 35 participants. 

Join us for an insightful discussion that will allow the FOODCoST project to continue paving the way towards more sustainable food systems!

About the FOODCoST MML workshops

This will be the first in-person event in a series of 12 MML workshops that are to be organised throughout the duration of the FOODCoST project, with the goal of collecting knowledge and experiences from various external key actors, covering specific topics regarding methodology and data used to calculate external costs and benefits, as well as policy and business models.

The insights collected from the workshops will then also be analysed and discussed within the project’s Community of Practice, allowing for a constant exchange of valuable information.

For more information about our 4th MML workshop, you can contact us at: