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Community and case studies

FOODCOsT recognizes the importance of setting a multi-actor initiative that assembles the industry, governments, civil society, and academia. For this FOODCoST counts with a lot of experts that jointly will discuss the outcomes and experiences of concept results, steering and feeding the research outputs and help to implement results and broadly communicate them right from the start.

For these, FOODCoST will create a Community of Practice (CoP), Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MMLs), Internal Workshops and Case Studies.

Case Study (CS)

Relevant national policy interventions for internalisation at the farm and value chains level in the context of the protein transition

Case Study (CS)

Decision-Making for Public Out of Home Catering based on External Costs

Case Study (CS)

Shifting investments to healthy food by disclosing Health-Adjusted Earnings