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First meeting of the FOODCoST CoP

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03 May. 2023

Dissemination and Communication Team

A key part of the FOODCoST stakeholder approach, the project's CoP will meet for the first time in Bratislava, Slovakia.


The 1st meeting of the Community of Practice (CoP) established within FOODCoST will take place in Bratislava on 25 May 2023. It will be dedicated to kicking off the activities of the CoP, discussing the valuation of externalities and pathways to internalise externalities, as well as exploring some of the use cases and other topics covered by the project.

The FOODCoST COP was created in order to discuss the results of the project, co-create the project outcomes and debate on the feasibility, implications, and next steps for developing and implementing a harmonised EU approach for assessing and internalising externalities of food.

In order to achieve its goals, this CoP will comprise 30 selected members from different key stakeholders among the categories of farmers and fishermen, food business operators and financial institutions; education and research; civil society (NGOs and consumer organisations); policymakers and media. The members will meet 4 times during the project’s lifetime and share their own perspectives on the objectives of FOODCoST, one of the strategic EU-funded actions related to True Cost Accounting for Food (TCAF).

Stay tuned to find out about the impactful discussions and outcomes that will arise from our first COP meeting.