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An insight on FOODCoST co-creation activities: what was achieved and next steps

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08 Mar. 2024

Alessia Careccia and Maurizia Castellari, APRE

Reshaping the future of food is at the heart of FOODCoST. What are we doing to achieve this ambitious objective?

FOODCoST is fostering an interactive, collaborative environment where researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders converge, sparking dynamic dialogues that will pave the way for a more sustainable food ecosystem. This collaborative environment materializes into the so-called “Mobilization and Mutual Learning workshops (MMLs)”.

Picture this: 12 workshops designed to ignite discussions across key domains, from methodologies to calculate external costs and benefits, to policies, to business models.

But here’s the twist – it’s not just about talk; it’s about action!

The workshops are vibrant hubs of creativity and innovation, where the most relevant stakeholders from the sector share insights and actively co-create solutions to tackle challenges head-on. In other words, these sessions are the breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas.

So far, FOODCoST has hosted three game-changing workshops:

  1. “Food survivors – how to make food production more sustainable”
  2. “Separating local external effects of agricultural production from national average estimations: illustration for the impact of fine particulate on health”
  3. “Public policies that internalize externalities of the food market”

The common thread of the sessions was the use of a multi-actor approach, which allowed us to collect knowledge and ideas and started to unravel the main complexities of our food systems.

Join us as we keep working for a sustainable food system, one workshop at a time!

A second round of MML events will take place in June 2024 on site in Bologna. Relevant stakeholders will join the discussion and engage in co-creation activities focusing on two main topics: “Business and value chains models and strategies” and “Impact assessment”.

Stay tuned for more details on the event! Together, we’ll shape a future where sustainability is a way of life.