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3rd MML workshop – “Public policies that internalise externalities of the food market”

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08 Nov. 2023

FOODCoST Communication and Dissemination Team

On the 18th of October 2023, the third Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) took place online. With the title “Public policies that internalise externalities of the food market” and conducted by Dr. Céline Bonnet from INRAE, this workshop was a valuable activity to gather and discuss new solutions for public policies and policy instruments.

This workshop counted with 27 participants and was hosted by Dr. Céline Bonnet from INRAE, who kickstarted the discussion on public policy models and instruments for a better internalisation of externalities. Following the methodology from the first two MML workshops, the third MML workshop was held online supported by the platform MIRO Board that ensured a dynamic and interactive environment to enhance the co-creation of solutions and sharing of knowledge.

The MML started with a brief presentation by Dr. Céline Bonnet, where she remarked that the internalisation of externalities, through policy instruments, is a process where more complete costs and/or benefits are considered in the composition of goods and services prices. This process may involve the reduction or prevention of negative externalities, or the creation of positive externalities, involving various actors of the food value chain.

Followed by this presentation, 9 new ideas for policy instruments were presented and discussed among the participants. In this interactive activity, participants had the chance to agree, disagree and propose new policy instruments for each idea and externalities, as well as discuss the potential barriers, the potential unintended effects and possible solutions.